atmAd carries targeted Brand Campaign to reach female lunchtime and weekend shoppers

Appletiser-2010-atm-advertisingCoca-Cola Enterprises has today announced the launch of a 3-month national digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign for Appletiser, specifically targeted at reaching women at different times during their week.

The campaign, which will run for three months has been made possible by i-design’s national network of atmAd enabled screens at Tesco store and in high streets. The media schedule has been split to target females across two scenarios: Thursday to Sunday the campaign will reach females withdrawing cash before they shop at Tesco stores, offering an incentive to purchase a large bottle of Appletiser in store, with a £1 discount on the ATM receipt. In addition, the campaign will use a 20p incentive for a lunchtime purchase of smaller bottles, reaching females withdrawing cash between 11am and 3pm on weekdays, at ATMs in proximity to Boots, Superdrug, WH Smith and Sainsbury’s Local stores.

Andy Thompson, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises said, “To encourage women across the UK to consider Appletiser during their lunch break or as part of their weekly shop we’ve turned to atmAd for its high dwell time and targeting capabilities. The flexibility of day parting campaigns with atmAd has enabled us to ensure that we’re reaching our target market with our message at the best possible moment, in a manner which captures their attention. Providing a take-away coupon offer in proximity to purchase also gives us an important way to measure the success of the brand communication. Both of these methods will communicate how well the Appletiser family complements food, be it in the home and ‘on the go’.”

Jack Vincent, head of business development at i-design, commented, “The long dwell time of atmAd enables brands to influence behaviour and change minds before the purchasing moment. This, combined with Appletiser’s intelligent use of consumer targeting will ensure that their brand messages hold a resonance with the female audience, which will only add to the success of this campaign.”